About me

Hi, I’m Nicola, a mid-40s Perimenopausal wife, mum, puppy owner, and yoga teacher with a passion for the Menstrual Cycle, Menopause, the Lunar Cycle, and the Celtic Wheel, all of which influence and appear in my classes. My biggest passion, though, is showing you how to unlock your superpowers using your yoga practice.

My yoga journey began back in 2019. My stress and anxiety levels were getting out of control. Something had to change. I decided to give yoga a try. I didn’t have the time, energy, or confidence to attend a regular yoga class, so I began by doing short online videos at home.

I set my alarm to get up before the kids to give myself 10 minutes to myself. It took discipline and perseverance, but I was able to build a pretty much daily 10-minute morning yoga practice within a few months. The results were amazing. I was calmer with the kids, I started to make better food choices, and my body began to move more freely again.

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Who are our classes aimed at?

Our signature style of yoga here at Sunflower Yoga is Gentle Yoga. But what is Gentle Yoga? It’s about slowing everything down, connecting with your breath, moving mindfully, and listening to your body for guidance.

Check out our current Online Class Schedule Here.

All levels of yogi are welcome to attend our Gentle Yoga classes both in-person and Online.

  • Beginners looking to try yoga for the first time find Gentle Yoga very accessible and encouraging. They receive clear instructions to help guide them and private support before and after each class to answer any questions or concerns that they have.
  • Long-time practitioners of yoga will benefit from attending to get back to basics and deepen their connection with their practice again by slowing it all right down. We can push ourselves too hard on the mat and lose track of why we started to practice in the first place.
  • Runners and athletes find the classes helpful with muscle recovery and injury prevention. They can provide a lovely balance for the body after their high-intensity training.
  • Menopause and Post-Menopause: I am trained and accredited to adapt and support the yoga practice of women at each and every stage of their menopause journey.

My Qualifications

I have also taken short courses studying Chair Yoga; Yoga Nidra and Somatics.

Sunflower Yoga

I set up my YouTube channel, Sunflower Yoga, in 2022 after completing my first yoga teacher training. Initially, it was set up to share short videos with family and friends who wanted to find out more about yoga and explore what it could do for them. It has grown into so much more since.

All of my FREE videos are based on these trainings, plus my own personal experiences. Each video is carefully planned, practiced, tweaked, practiced again, recorded, and uploaded for you to enjoy at a time and place that suits you.

I started my first in-person and online classes in 2024, and these are going from strength to strength. I am currently teaching Gentle Yoga & Yoga Nidra Classes and look to build on these classes as time goes on. I will be launching Menopause Yoga Classes and Workshops soon.

I am very interested in working with community groups both in person and online, so please get in touch if you are interested in working with me.

Please Email [email protected] with any further questions or queries.

Nicola xx

My Yoga Qualifications