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Hi, I’m Nicola, a 40-something perimenopausal wife, mum, puppy owner, and yoga teacher with a passion for all things Menstrual Cycles and Menopause and how to unlock their superpowers using your yoga practice.

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My yoga journey began back in 2019. My stress and anxiety levels were getting out of control. Something had to change. I decided to give yoga a try. I didn’t have the time, energy, or confidence to attend a regular yoga class, so I began by doing short online videos at home.

I set my alarm to get up before the kids to give myself 10 minutes to myself. It took discipline and perseverance, but I was able to build a pretty much daily 10-minute morning yoga practice within a few months. The results were amazing. I was calmer with the kids, I started to make better food choices, and my body began to move more freely again.

When the pandemic hit in 2020, I was so grateful to have this daily practice already set in place. It became my lifeline to start the day before launching into daily life, juggling homeschooling, running a business, managing a house, and dealing with all of the emotions that came along for the ride.

In 2021 I enrolled in an online Yoga Teaching Training Course with Himalaya Yoga Valley Centre. I wanted to learn more about yoga and why it helped me so much. Attending an in-person month-long training was never going to be an option whilst I was raising my family so this provided to ideal balance of learning and family life.

My Youtube Channel Sunflower Yoga, grew from this training. Initially, it was set up to share short videos with family and friends who wanted to find out more about yoga and explore what it could do for them. It has grown into so much more since.

After reading the life-changing “Wild Power” by Red School’s Alexandra Pope and Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer in 2022 my new path was set. I was going to become a specialist in adapting yoga to supercharge the powers of the inner seasons of the menstrual cycle.

With the help of the awesome Kelsey Taylor, Flow Womens Wellness, I completed her 50-Hour Flow Women’s Wellness Hormonal Health Yoga Teacher Training Menarche to Menopause in 2023 and have not looked back since.

This year I have added Yinstinct Yoga’s utterly awesome 40-Hour Certificate in Teaching Yoga for the Stages of Menopause to my repertoire.

I am super proud of all the work I have done so far and I am dedicated to bringing these teachings to you now to help you unlock the superpowers of your menstrual cycle and your menopause.

All of my FREE videos are based on these trainings, plus my own personal experiences. Each video is carefully planned, practiced, tweaked, practiced again, recorded, and uploaded for you to enjoy at a time and place that suits you.

Nicola xx

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