Affirmations to empower you at each phase of your Menstrual cycle

An affirmation is a positive statement or declaration that you repeat to yourself either silently or out loud. They are used with the intention of instilling a specific belief, mindset, or desired outcome in yourself. They can form a powerful part of your cyclical yoga practice. 

Each time you step onto your yoga mat, you are carving out time to pause and listen to your body. Reciting affirmations during your yoga practice is a useful tool to help deepen this connection to yourself as you navigate the different physical and emotional changes which happen at each phase of your cycle. 

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At the beginning of my yoga practice, I like to use affirmations to establish my intention not only for my yoga practice but also for the day ahead. The way we commence our day holds significant influence over its unfolding. By starting my morning with a conscious connection to the wisdom within my body and affirming my commitment to working harmoniously with it, I empower myself. Rather than pushing myself towards goals or actions that may not align with my current physical or emotional state, I choose to honor and embrace my unique needs and capabilities.

Affirmations for the Menstrual Cycle

Harness the power of these affirmations to elevate your journey through the distinct phases of your menstrual cycle and infuse your yoga practice with intention. These affirmations will serve as guiding companions, empowering your thoughts, fostering a deeper connection with your emotions, and nurturing a profound respect for your fluctuating energy levels.

From the invigorating energies of the follicular phase to the introspective depths of the menstrual phase, choose the affirmation which speaks to you. Use it before you begin your practice, during or at the end, and throughout your day. Do what feels natural and helpful for your practice. There is no right or wrong way to do this.

Inner Winter Affirmations – Menstrual Phase

Your Menstrual Cycle begins on the day that your full bleed arrives. Inner winter is here and it is time to work with your low energy and desire to turn inwards to rest and reflect.

I give myself permission to rest.

I surrender to the knowledge of my body.

I release anything that is no longer serving me.

I honour my hopes and dreams

In stillness, I find peace and clarity.

I relax and allow my body to rejuvenate.

I am happy. I am healing. I am loved.

Rest is essential to my health and happiness.

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Inner Spring Affirmations – Follicular Phase

Once your bleeding has stopped you move into the Follicular phase of your menstrual cycle. It’s time to respect and celebrate your rising energy both on and off your yoga mat.

Wonderful things unfold before me.

Anything is possible.

I move toward dreams with courage and curiosity.

I honour my rising energy.

I invite play into my yoga practice.

I am full of creative ideas.

I trust my body; I cherish my body.

Inner Summer Affirmations

It’s time to shine bright in all areas of your life as you hit the ovulation phase. The mid-point and some would say the main event of the cycle.

I am strong, I am powerful

I am grateful.

I am visible, I am seen, I am important.

I celebrate all that I have achieved.

I open my mind and heart to the world around me.

I am filled with vitality and ready for the day.

I am proud of who I am.

I am grateful for my body and treat it with love and care.

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Inner Autumn Affirmations – Luteal Phase

Starting strong and then starting to slow down is what the Luteal Phase is all about.

I listen to my intuition.

I can say no.

I reflect; I do not react.

I know my truth; I speak my truth.

When I slow down, my body rejuvenates.

I respect myself and speak to myself with kindness.

Being firm in my boundaries is a kindness to myself.

I trust in my inner wisdom and intuition to guide me.

Affirmations for the whole of the Menstrual Cycle

Choose from this list at any point in your cycle.

I can create all that I truly desire.

I live in harmony with my cycle.

I nourish my mind, body and soul.

I thank my body for all it does for me.

I trust the wisdom of my body.

Deep wisdom lies within me.

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