Menstrual Cycle

All humans are cyclical beings. Men run on a 24-hour clock, whereas women (and all beings with ovaries) follow a 28(ish) Day Cycle, following the cyclical rhythms of their Menstrual Cycle (or Moon Cycle if you do not have a Menstrual Cycle).

Unfortunately, the linear rhythm of modern society no longer respects or honours any of these cycles. Both men and women are expected to be happy and on the go 24-7, with little time for breaks or even a proper night’s sleep. We are all exhausted and this has to change.

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Here at Sunflower Yoga & Wellness, we will introduce you to the powers of Menstrual Cycle Awareness and show you how to use this knowledge to adapt your yoga practice to suit where you actually are in your Menstrual (or Moon) Cycle. Encouraging you to listen to and work with your body rather than pushing against it.

With the help of the awesome Kelsey Taylor, Flow Womens Wellness, I completed her 50-Hour Flow Women’s Wellness Hormonal Health Yoga Teacher Training Menarche to Menopause in 2023.

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Menstrual Cycle and Yoga

You can find lots of FREE 10 Minute Videos to support you at each phase of the Menstrual Cycle and Moon cycle) over on my YouTube Channel – Sunflower Yoga.