Can you do yoga on your period(You might be surprised by the answer)

It’s really important that you listen to your body regards practicing yoga when you are on your period. You are always your own body’s best guide.

Can You Do Yoga On Your Period?

So can you do yoga during your period? There is no right or wrong here. There is no specific reason why you shouldn’t practice yoga whilst you are on your period. In fact, yoga may even help to alleviate period cramps and lift your mood.  But you equally might choose to take the days of your period totally off yoga.

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What Style of Yoga Can You Do On Your Period?

If you do decide to practice yoga whilst on your period, then please be mindful of the style or type of practice you choose. You won’t be doing yourself any favors if you try and push through a strong Hatha flow or attend your regular Hot yoga class. Keep it slow, down on the ground, and with an extra long relaxation at the end. Restorative Yoga and Chair Yoga are my periods go-to practices.

Day 1 of your period is when your full bleed arrives, and days 2-3 are when your energy and hormones are at their lowest levels. I like to use the support of a Chair during these days if I do decide to practice. I find that I get the benefits of gently stretching out my muscles and joints, but without getting too hot or tired. I find that it really helps to set the tone for my day as well. If I start off slow, this is a handy reminder to move more slowly throughout the rest of my day.

10 Minutes Just the Basics Yoga for Your Period

This short practice is for those days that you want to move but need to do so more slowly and mindfully.

From around Day 4 of your Period, you might be feeling ready to pick up the pace a little, but be mindful if you are still bleeding heavily. Listen to the cues your body is giving you, and you will know when you are ready to get back more fully to your mat.

10 Minute Yoga for when you are on your Period

This 10 Minute Yoga Practice uses the support of a chair to help ease your transition through this tender phase of your cycle. I love to do this practice from around Day 4 of my period. I can feel my energy rising, but I also know that it is important not to rush back too quickly. Enjoy this period of inward rest and reflection. There is plenty of time ahead to pick up the pace again.

Don’t rush to get off your chair once the practice is over; take your time to daydream and look out of the window or just close your eyes and rest before heading back out into the world.

Wake Up Yoga for the End of your Period

This practice is for when you are ready to get back out into the world. Stirrings of Inner Spring are occurring, and you are bubbling with excitement about the next phase ahead. This practice starts in standing to work with this rising energy.

If you attend regular in-person yoga classes, don’t be afraid to let your teacher know when you are on your period. They will be able to offer some alternative postures for you during the class to help you honor your body or they may be able to offer you a recording or a more suitable class for you to do at home instead. If they aren’t very helpful towards your needs, then it might be time to find a new teacher.

Remember to always work at your own pace, you are your body’s own best guide at each and every stage of your Menstrual Cycle. There is no need to rush this transition, the more tenderly you can move through this phase, the richer the rewards will be through the rest of your cycle.

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