Nicola Simpson

female yoga teacher laying down on mat in savasana

What is yoga nidra and why should i do it?

Yoga Nidra works by systematically inducing a state of deep relaxation in the body and mind, promoting stress reduction, emotional balance, and inner peace. Through regular practice, practitioners can experience profound benefits for their physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Check … Read More

Nicola’s Nourish Balls

Nicola’s Nourish Balls are the perfect healthy snack to enjoy with a drink after your yoga practice. They are super quick to make and are packed with whole-food ingredients. You can switch the nuts and seeds to suit your taste … Read More

Phases of the Moon in the night sky with a graphic of a person in meditation pose underneath

Moon Cycles and Yoga

There will be times in a woman’s life when she does not have a regular Menstrual Cycle. For example, when she is pregnant, when she is taking a hormonal contraceptive, when she is going through the stages of menopause, or … Read More