Gentle Yoga with Nicola – what you need to know

Our signature style of yoga here at Sunflower Yoga is Gentle Yoga. But what is Gentle Yoga? It’s about slowing everything down, connecting with your breath, moving mindfully, and listening to your body for guidance.

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At the start of each class, we practice breath awareness to give you a chance to fully arrive and settle into the class, step away from the busyness of your day, and fully arrive and be present on your yoga mat. This is your time to connect with yourself, and we will do all we can to support you with this.

We take time to warm up your joints and muscles at the start of each practice to support and protect your body as we move into the main body of the practice.

We move slowly and mindfully through the class to help send soothing signals to your nervous system, thereby relieving stress and tension in the body and mind. We will spend the majority of the class low down on the mat in seated or supine positions. We will occasionally spend a short time in standing poses or may use a chair or other props for added support.

Clear instructions and benefits are provided for each posture so that you feel safe and confident moving into and out of them. Detailed benefits are given as well to help motivate and connect you with your body throughout the practice.

Moments to pause and check in with your breath, your body, and your energy are peppered throughout the practice. It helps you carve out time and space to connect with yourself and listen to your body’s messages.

The language used to teach the class is designed to empower you and help you find your level of practice, and build your confidence on the yoga mat. There is no element of competition here at Sunflower Yoga, we are here to help guide you into the practice that your body is craving and that will bring your body the most benefit.

We end each class with an extended relaxation, usually a Yoga Nidra Meditation. You can read more about the benefits of Yoga Nidra here. This allows all of the benefits of the practice to be absorbed by your body and for any lingering stress and tension to dissolve away, leaving you feeling lighter and brighter, ready for your day ahead or to lead you into a nourishing night’s sleep if you are practicing in the evening.

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Who are our classes aimed at?

All levels of yogi are welcome to attend our Gentle Yoga classes.

  • Beginners looking to try yoga for the first time find Gently Yoga very accessible and encouraging. They receive clear instructions to help guide them and private support before and after each class to answer any questions or concerns that they have.
  • Long-time practitioners of yoga will benefit from attending to get back to basics and deepen their connection with their practice again by slowing it all right down. We can push ourselves too hard on the mat and lose track of why we started to practice in the first place.
  • Runners and athletes find the classes helpful with muscle recovery and injury prevention. They can provide a lovely balance for the body after their high-intensity training.
  • Menopause and Post-Menopause I am trained to adapt and support the yoga practice of women at each and every stage of their menopause journey.

Practicing Gentle Yoga with Sunflower Yoga

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