Coming back to yoga after a break

It doesn’t matter how long you have been away from your mat. It’s time to shift your focus. Start over with your practice and begin again.

It is inevitable that you will take breaks in your yoga practice. This is natural and sometimes necessary. You cannot keep going at the same pace all of the time. For example, if you have suffered an injury, an illness, or had a change in your circumstances, these can all lead to your focus being taken away from your yoga practice.

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Speak Kindly to Yourself

Be kind to yourself and offer yourself compassion for the reasons you have not practiced yoga for a while and start to shift your energy towards getting back onto your mat.

Start small and begin building up your practice gradually, rather than rushing straight back into a 1-hour power yoga class. Even taking just 5 minutes to watch your breath and do a few warm up stretches is getting back to your yoga practice. Build this up to 10 mins after a few sessions and so on.

Going forward be realistic with your expectations. Some days you may only have 5 minutes, others you will have longer and some days you maybe won’t have any time at all. This is all ok.

A time for Reflection

Take a moment now to reflect on what brought you to yoga in the first place. How does it make you feel when you do practice? How has it helped you? Why is now the right time to come back to your mat?

Meditate on these questions or take out your journal and see what comes up as you write from your heart. This can help you to start to reconnect to your practice again and give you that motivation to get back to your mat.

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How to Create a Successful Home Yoga Practice

For added support in this article I share my Top 10 tips on how to create a successful Yoga at Home practice. Sometimes you just need to get back to basics to get started again. It doesn’t have to mean spending money or buying fancy clothes, its more about carving out that time and space for yourself that is going to help you reap the most benefits.

Moving with your Menstrual Cycle

Here at Sunflower Yoga & Welness we encourage you to listen to and work with your body rather than pushing against it. Moving with your menstrual cycle (or the lunar cycle if you do not have a menstrual cycle) is a lovely way to adapt your yoga practice to your changing energies and to build in those natural breaks to nourish and enliven your practice each cycle.

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