Nicola’s Nourish Balls

Nicola’s Nourish Balls are the perfect healthy snack to enjoy with a drink after your yoga practice. They are super quick to make and are packed with whole-food ingredients. You can switch the nuts and seeds to suit your taste or what’s in your cupboard. This recipe makes approx 15 average-sized balls. Store them in the fridge and enjoy over a few days.

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1 Cup (250g) Dates

1/2 Cup (125g) Almonds

1/2 Cup (125g) Cashews

1/2 Cup (125g) Sunflower Seeds

2 Tbsp Cacao Powder

2 Tbsp Coconut Oil


1. Measure and combine all of the ingredients thoroughly using a food processor.

2. Roll the mixture into balls and pop them into the fridge.

3. Option: Roll the balls in coconut or more cacao powder for added yumminess.

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