10 Minute Just the Basics Yoga for Menstruation

Whether you choose to practice yoga or not on your period is a very personal decision. Some months you might crave some gentle movement to ease out cramps or soothe fatigue; other months, you might not. Listen to what your body is calling for. Trust in its wisdom.

This 10-minute yoga flow is for those days when you want to move but only to a minimum. During this practice, you will work through a series of basic yoga poses to ease tension and stress in your body and boost your mood.

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I like to use a chair during my period as this provides additional support for my body during this tender time.

Let’s Get Started

Begin your practice by bringing your hands to heart centre or place one hand over your heart and one hand over your womb space, gently bowing your head, and closing over your eyes if that’s comfortable. Take a few moments here to connect with your breath.

Relaxing your shoulders down away from your ears, relaxing your jaw and all of the muscles through your face. Feel how the tension begins to drain away from your body.

Female yoga sat on a chair with hands to heart centre
Begin by connecting to your breath

Bring your hands down onto your lap and slowly begin to rotate your shoulders in one direction and then the other.

Take your hands back to heart centre and sweep your arms up bringing your fingertips to touch and your gaze up to the sky and then just bring your arms and gaze back down. Repeat this 3 times.

Seated Side Bends

Moving into some gentle side bends now. You don’t have to move as far as you might at other times in your cycle. Find that sweet spot where it feels good for you. Take a few on each side.

Female yoga teacher on a chair doing a side stretch
Gentle Side Bends

Seated Twists

Next is an invitation to move into seated twists on either side. Depending on how you are doing with cramps this may or may not feel good for you.

Play around with different variations and intensity and if it’s not feeling good then move on to the next pose. There is no right or wrong in this practice. You are always your own best guide. I am here to offer poses but ultimately it is up to you to decide which invitations to accept and which ones to skip or adapt.

Female yoga teacher doing Chair Twist
Invitation for Seated Twists

Bear Hug

Give yourself a lovely big bear hug. Reminding you of the importance of treating yourself with love and kindness during this very important time in your menstrual cycle. Time to rest and renew for the cycle ahead.

Female yoga teacher doing Bear Hug on a Chair
Bear Hug for loving kindness to yourself

Knee to Chest Pose

Leave your left food on the ground and bring your right leg gently towards your chest to stretch into your legs. Repeat on the other side.

Option to bring your head down to your knee to create a deeper compression in your abdomen. This may help ease or it could worsen cramps, move with what your body is asking for.

Female yoga teacher doing knee to chest pose on a chair
Knee to Chest Pose

Extend your right leg out now and move into some ankle circles in one direction and then the other. Repeat on the left hand side.

Ending in Chair Savasana

Ending your practice in a seated Savasana. Bring your hands to heart centre or place one hand over your heart and one hand over your womb space or place your hands anywhere they will bring you comfort and support.

Spend at least 1 minute here watching your breath and noticing how you feel now after this practice. Giving thanks for taking this time to nourish your body. Moving slowly and mindfully now into the rest of your day.

Female yoga teacher in seated savasana
End in Seated Savasana

10 Minute Yoga for Menstruation (video support)

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