Yoga for the follicular phase of the menstrual cycle (Get Ready to Play)

The follicular phase is the second phase of the menstrual cycle, occurring around days 7-11 of a regular 28-day cycle. It’s the time after the bleed has finished and ends around ovulation. Adapting yoga for the follicular phase can help you to work with this rising energy. It’s time to add some playfulness back into your yoga practice.

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What is happening during the Follicular Phase

Oestrogen is now the dominant hormone, and it will continue to rise to its peak at Ovulation. The “follicles” (egg-containing pods) ripen during this phase, and the most dominant will get ready for release. The lining of the uterus will begin to thicken again in preparation for the arrival of the egg.

Just like in nature, the follicular phase (also known as Inner Spring) is your time to bloom. You should be starting to feel clearer and calmer again and ready to make new plans for the cycle ahead. But just like the tender new shoots of Spring flowers, don’t rush; take your time to emerge and work with this building energy.

Yoga Poses to Avoid During the Follicular Phase

None at all. During this phase, your body and mind will be growing in strength and stamina. It’s the perfect time to try new things, so having a go at some yoga asanas that you haven’t practised before could be extra fun during this time or experimenting with a new style of yoga that you haven’t done before. Bring some extra playfulness into your practice during this phase and see what brings you joy in your yoga practice for the follicular phase.

Always remembering to listen to your body each day. Just because you are in this phase does not mean that you have to try something new every day. You may still crave rest days, or you may prefer to have a more easeful yoga practice on occasion during this time as well. The right practice for you is always the one that your body is asking for. Practising Menstrual Cycle Awareness is a great way to up the volume of your inner voice at each and every phase of your cycle.

Yoga for the Follicular Phase

Over on my YouTube Channel, Sunflower Yoga, I have a collection of short videos to help adapt your yoga for the follicular phase.

Yoga to Nourish During the Follicular Phase

Move through this practice with curiosity and playfulness to help wake up your body again after your period.

In this practice, you will move through a flow to nourish and renew your body, getting it ready for this period of growth, exploration and expansion.

Beginning seated down on the mat, you will start the practice by connecting with your heart and womb centres and taking a few settling breaths. Then moving tenderly through a series of warm-ups to activate your joints and digestive system.

Working with your rising energy, you will move into a series of standing yoga poses, such as Triangle pose and Reverse Triangle, to stretch and nourish your body from the inside out.

Ending this practice in standing, gathering up the earth’s energy in your arms and drawing it back down into your heart. You will leave your mat feeling nourished and energised for the rest of your day.

10-Minute Chair Yoga to Wake Up (Inner Spring)

The perfect morning yoga practice for when your body needs a bit more support. Also ideal for those first few days after your period, your Inner Spring. Reminding you to move tenderly and work to support your rising energy levels.

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