Yoga for the ovulation phase (It’s Time To Shine)

The Ovulation phase is the third phase of the Menstrual Cycle. Ovulation takes place around day 14 of a regular 28-day cycle. Adapting your yoga practice for the Ovulation phase will help you to make the most of your rising energy and outward focus. It’s time to stand tall and shine bright in your yoga practice.

What is happening during the Ovulation Phase

During this phase of the Menstrual Cycle, both oestrogen and testosterone are at their highest levels. A mature egg is released from the ovary, and it moves down the fallopian tube towards the uterus in hope of meeting sperm for fertilisation. Some women report tender breasts and mild cramps around this time, and others feel nothing at all.

Energy is generally at its peak during this phase (but this is not always the case). The peak in Oestrogen and Testosterone helps to shift your focus outwards and send your confidence soaring. You are in full bloom and are at your most articulate and sassy at this point in your cycle.

Yoga Poses to Avoid During the Ovulation Phase

This phase is very much an extension of the Follicular phase, with energy rising to its peak in most cases. There isn’t anything you specifically need to avoid during this phase, but as always, let your body be your best guide.

Inner Summer (another name for the Ovulation phase) can be a tricky time for some if they have rushed into their new cycle too quickly. Inner Summer burnout can become an issue leading to fatigue and exhaustion during this time. Practising Menstrual Cycle Awareness for several months will help you to pinpoint areas in your cycle that are causing you specific problems, such as Inner Summer burnout, and then you can work towards improving the quality of your cycle.

If you are suffering from Inner Summer burnout, then taking extra rest days or practising Restorative yoga will go some way to help improve your mood and energy levels.

Yoga for the Ovulation Phase

You can find a collection of energizing yoga flows to perfectly work with the peak in energy during the Ovulation phase of your menstrual cycle below.

10-Minute Energizing Yoga (Inner Summer)

We are going to celebrate this increase in energy with a sun salutation-based flow to build heat in your body to help you shine to your full potential.

We will begin seated down on the mat and then move through 6 different variations of Sun Salutations.

10-Minute Standing Yoga to Build Energy (Inner Summer)

Ideal for when you are in the Inner Summer phase of your menstrual cycle (around Ovulation). It’s time to stand tall and celebrate the fullness of who you are. We will warm your joints before moving into a series of strong standing yoga asanas to build heat and open up your body to receive this Inner Summer energy.

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