Yoga Poses for the Last Quarter Moon (it’s Time to Slow Down)

The Last Quarter Moon (also known as the Half Moon) is the third phase of the lunar cycle. When looking up at the moon from the earth during this phase, you will only see half of the moon is lit up. You are actually seeing the half of the moon that’s illuminated by the sun. The moon is decreasing in size and energy, inviting you to transition towards a slower pace of life on and off your yoga mat. What can you begin to let go of? Where can you slow down? How can you increase your self-care?

Last Quarter Moon Yoga Practice

The Last Quarter Moon invites you to let go and slow down, so this is the perfect intention to set for your yoga practice during this moon phase. Staying low on your mat to conserve energy. Spending longer is each pose to really feel into and listen to what your body is trying to tell you. Taking your time in Savasana.

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Including poses to support and nourish your digestive organs can be really helpful during this moon phase. Like the moon’s energy, yours might also be waning, making you feel a bit more sluggish inside and out. Adding in twists and folds will help wring your body out and keep everything moving in the right direction.

Suggested Last Quarter Moon Yoga Poses include:

  • Cat Cow Spinal Waves
  • Seated Twists
  • Seated Forward Fold
  • Butterfly Pose
  • Figure of 4 Stretch
  • Supine Twists
  • Savasana

Last Quarter Moon Meditation

Sitting in meditation after your yoga practice provides an ideal opportunity for you to check in with your New Moon intentions. To assess how they are going. To celebrate what you have achieved so far. Be kind to yourself if there is still work to be done. Remember that the Last Quarter Moon invites you to let go and forgive. Letting go of your intentions is an important step in realising them. This moon phase provides another opportunity to reflect on and let go of your intention again, releasing it back into the universe for it to do its work.

Self-care Practices for the Last Quarter Moon

You’ve set the tone right on your yoga mat for this moon phase so how can you continue this off your mat? We live in a busy world that expects us to be on the go 24-7 but working with the moon reminds us that without taking quieter periods and rest breaks we cannot be at our best.

Take a look at your schedule for the next few days and see where you can build some extra self-care practices to support you. Self-care looks different for us all. It could be taking an extra break during your day at work to go for a walk or have a coffee with a colleague, eating a really nourishing meal for your lunch, drinking more water or simply getting an early night.

Last Quarter Moon and the Menstrual Cycle

The Last Quarter Moon is most closely aligned with the Luteal Phase of the Menstrual Cycle. Here are some more ideas for suggested yoga practices that will align with the Last Quarter Moon.

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