Yoga Poses to welcome the fresh new energy of the First Quarter Moon

The First Quarter Moon occurs when the moon is 90 degrees from the sun making it look half illuminated from the earth. It is called the First Quarter Moon because it has traveled a quarter of its way around the Earth since the New Moon. She is starting to grow in size and energy. It’s time to use this fresh new energy on and off your yoga mat. Set to work on your New Moon intentions and invite lots of play and energising postures into your yoga practice.

First Quarter Moon Yoga Practice

You should find your own energy levels increasing again alongside the growing moon. Use this fresh energy to try something new in your yoga practice and up the tempo on your mat. Vinyasa styles flows, balancing poses, and Warriors are what First Quarter Moon yoga is all about. Taking your practice outdoors can also be beneficial (if the weather permits) during this phase. Head down to your local park or beach with a friend or two and have some fun using the sights and sounds of nature to enhance your practice.

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Start down on your mat and then rise up to enjoy asanas to challenge your balance, standing asanas to build strength and focus to help you work towards your New Moon intention, and remember to end your practice with savasana. It can be tempting to skip this when your energy is racing, but this is still the most important pose. This is when all of the benefits of your practice are going to be absorbed into your body, setting you up for the rest of the lunar cycle.

Suggested First Quarter Moon Yoga Poses include:

  • Down Dog
  • Lunges
  • Warrior 1, 2, 3
  • Triangle Pose
  • Tree Pose
  • Bridge Pose
  • Savasana
10 Minute First Quarter Moon Yoga Practice

First Quarter Moon and the Menstrual Cycle

The First Quarter Moon can be compared to the Follicular phase of the Menstrual Cycle. Here are further ideas for your yoga practice at this time.

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